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Giacomo on how Korea compares to Japan TripleG

My former co-host Giacomo Degano and I exchange experiences on how we perceived Korea and Japan, while living in one and just visiting the other as a tourist.
  1. Giacomo on how Korea compares to Japan
  2. Marnix on how to immerse yourself in Korean culture
  3. Dr. Kevin Kester on living in Seoul
  4. Follow your dream – Interview with Dr. Billie de Haas – Life Stories Ep.5
  5. Gratefulness – Interview with Dr. Stephen Adaawen – Life Stories Ep.4
  6. All Things Academic – Interview with Dr. Frank Vanclay– Life Stories Ep.3
  7. Keep Learning! – Interview with Dr. Koen Salemink – Life Stories Ep.2
  8. A Mix of Passion and Dedication – Dr. Gunnar Mallon – Life Stories Ep.1
  9. Introduction