dinsdag 18 december 2018


Redactioneel van de redactie van Girugten.

Green Hydrogen as an alternative to the Groningen Gas

On March 29th of this year, the Dutch government took the decision to abolish natural gas extraction in the province of Groningen by the...

Elephant Paths; From point A to Better

What is an elephant path? While walking or cycling through a city or neighbourhood it is not unlikely that you have come to a point...
Source: Flickr, Aqua Mechanical

Pesticide spray-free zone in Northern Netherlands

Our health is seen as something to be valued; not only is it important for having a longer lifespan and aging healthily, but research has shown that health plays an important role in how high we rate our happiness (Centraal Bureau Statistiek, 2016). So it’s not surprising we’re very protective of our health and try to minimize any threat to it. Pesticides are seen as one of these potential threats to our health...